Salts Tennis Club COVID-19 Update

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Wednesday 25th March

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday evening (23 March), people will only be allowed to take part in one form of exercise per day like a walk, run or cycle alone or with members of your household.

The absolute priority of everyone in Britain needs to be protecting the health of the nation, with a requirement to dramatically adjust our behaviour to help slow the spread of the disease, prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed, and ultimately save lives. The way everyone can do this is complying with the Government’s guidance and staying at home.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday evening (23 March) all tennis facilities and courts should be closed, and tennis coaching and activity should be put on hold with immediate effect. From the L.T.A website

The committee have discussed the options and are of the agreement that we lock down the courts for the next 3 weeks after that we will follow the advice of the government as to any further measures which need to be taken, one of the many reasons for this are someone unknowingly has the virus comes down touches the locks and the net winders leaving traces of the virus on the metal which can then be transmitted to all others who follow them onto the courts. We know the advice given is to clean all surfaces you come into contact with to stop the spread of this KILLER virus but it only takes one person to forget and the consequences could in some cases be catastrophic.

To make sure that nobody uses the courts the committee propose to change the locks on the courts wednesday morning.

Monday March 23rd

All Bradford Parks League matches cancelled until July 4th this will be updated once we know the extent of the virus.

Please follow advice on NHS.UK website and help us all stay safe and well. Thank you.